Police officer punches rape victim in the face and then brags about it.

When officers arrived, Gibson said she was hiding in a closet naked. She said the officers ordered her to leave the closet.

“I told them what had just happened to me and I asked for a female officer and the officer said I didn’t have that option because it wasn’t my house,” Gibson said. ”I told them I was naked. I told them I had just been raped and that I did not feel comfortable coming out of the closet with there only being two male officers there.”

Gibson said she continued to refuse orders to leave the closet. Eventually, the officers had to use force to remove her.

“The police officer came into the closet punched me in the face so hard that he fractured the right orbital in my face,” Gibson said.

Gibson was placed in handcuffs and transported to University Hospital where a rape exam was performed and Gibson’s facial injuries were treated.

According to documents provided by Gibson to KSAT 12 News, an emergency room nurse wrote in a report the officer was bragging about hitting Gibson in the face. 

The report stated, “the officer was talking about it in a proud manner that he hit her.”

(Source: feistyfeminist)

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